Stephenville Oral Surgery offers a wide range of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including general extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement, full-arch restoration, oral pathology, and more. Together with Dr. McPhillips, our experienced and compassionate care team is here to assist you throughout your treatment and ensure your time with us is a positive one.

Located in Stephenville, TX, we aim to provide excellent surgical care with personalized treatment plans and advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment. Dr. McPhillips is a board-certified oral surgeon. She and her surgical team make every effort to ensure your comfort, health, and safety while in their care.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about us and the services we offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation. We treat every patient like family and look forward to caring for you and your loved ones here at Stephenville Oral Surgery.


Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants may be the right tooth replacement option for you. Many patients favor the permanent, durable, and natural-looking results that dental implants offer, making them a popular tooth replacement solution.

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The third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, are notorious for causing pain and other oral health problems. Early detection, monitoring, and removal by an oral surgeon will help you avoid the development of complications.

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A full-arch restoration procedure allows patients with several missing or failing teeth to replace an entire arch of teeth all at once. The prosthesis is permanently affixed in the jaw with dental implants, providing you with the natural look and function you desire.

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Patients who have been missing a tooth or teeth for an extended length of time often suffer bone loss in their jaw. We can perform a bone graft to replace lost bone and prepare your jaw to support a dental implant to restore your smile.

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We may recommend an extraction if the tooth or teeth in question cannot be saved through other means or if there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate it. Removing an unhealthy tooth can preserve the health of the teeth around it.

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An impacted tooth is one that is partially or completely trapped beneath the gums and is unable to grow into the mouth without assistance. Any tooth can become impacted, but the most common culprits are canine teeth and wisdom teeth.

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More Procedures


There are many solutions to replace missing or damaged teeth. Stephenville Oral Surgery recognizes the unique needs and preferences of every patient; it is important that every patient is satisfied with their new smile.

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Oral pathology refers to any abnormal occurrences in the mouth or jaws, such as cysts or lesions. They may or may not be accompanied by pain, so regular self-examinations are recommended.

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L-PRF is created using the patient's blood, taken during the surgical appointment and applied directly to the surgical site, delivering a high concentration of growth factors to accelerate the healing process.

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Pre-prosthetic surgery benefits patients with dentures that don't fit properly. Oral surgeons like Dr. McPhillips can reshape the gums and jaw bone for a more comfortable fit.

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An oral surgeon is the most qualified medical professional to treat facial trauma injuries, such as fractures in the jaw or facial bones, broken or knocked-out teeth, and facial cuts.

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3D Imaging

3D scanning equipment, such as the 3D Cone Beam CT scanner, helps to increase our understanding of your unique condition and formulate treatment to improve your oral health outcome.

Anesthesia Options

Patients who are seeking oral surgery should feel safe, comfortable, and informed throughout their treatment. At Stephenville Oral Surgery, Dr. McPhillips offers several anesthesia options to ensure a safe and comfortable surgical experience.