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L-PRF is created using the patient's blood, taken during the surgical appointment and applied directly to the surgical site, delivering a high concentration of growth factors to accelerate the healing process.


Many patients want to know about their recovery time after oral surgery. While the healing process varies from patient to patient, many things can be done to speed recovery and promote healing.

To enhance and accelerate healing, Stephenville Oral Surgery is proud to offer L-PRF, also known as Leukocyte Platelet-Rich Fibrin, at our practice. L-PRF is created using your own blood and accelerates the healing process after oral surgery. With L-PRF, a high concentration of growth factors is supplied directly to the surgical site, which results in a three- to five-fold increase of growth factors normally present in a blood clot. These concentrated growth factors stimulate your own body’s natural healing process for reduced healing time. L-PRF is taken at the beginning of your oral surgery procedure, so no additional appointments are necessary to receive the benefits of this service.

Patients who are undergoing oral surgery procedures such as bone grafting, tissue grafting, dental implant placement, tooth extraction, and more can benefit from L-PRF. In general, patients who opt for L-PRF treatment during their oral surgery procedure tend to experience a shortened period of post-surgical pain and swelling.

L-PRF in Stephenville, TX

If you would like to include the use of L-PRF to your treatment plan or would like to learn more, please let your oral surgeon know during your consultation appointment. With optimal treatment in mind, Dr. McPhillips will create a treatment plan just for you.

If you require an oral surgery procedure or have any questions or concerns regarding your oral health, Stephenville Oral Surgery is here for you. Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation appointment with our experienced oral surgeon, Dr. McPhillips.