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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery benefits patients with dentures that don't fit properly. Oral surgeons like Dr. McPhillips can reshape the gums and jaw bone for a more comfortable fit.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Before prosthetic restorations such as dentures can be constructed, the soft tissues of the mouth or jaw bones may need to be surgically reshaped. This procedure may be accomplished by recontouring the bone, repositioning the tissues in the floor of the mouth, or by surgical removal of excess tissue. This will allow for a much better fit of the prosthesis.

Traditional dentures are a common and popular tooth replacement option. However, if your dentures do not fit well, they move around, cause problems with eating and chewing, affect facial aesthetics, and become uncomfortable or even painful to wear. Typically, this movement will cause excess tissue growth, further compounding the problem. Patients who suffer from ill-fitting dentures can benefit from pre-prosthetic surgery, an oral surgery procedure that prepares the mouth to ensure an optimal fit.

The alveolar ridge is a bony ridge in the mouth. This ridge is where dentures sit, and it needs to be of the right shape and size to support a comfortable and well-fitting denture. Sometimes, this ridge needs to be smoothed, reshaped, or reduced.

Dr. McPhillips performs pre-prosthetic surgery at her practice in Stephenville, TX. As an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. McPhillips will perform a complete oral evaluation and design a treatment plan to ensure you get the most from your dentures.

Why have pre-prosthetic surgery?

Although a dentist can adjust the fit of dentures, some patients continue to experience discomfort and other complications of an ill-fitting prosthetic. If this is the case, visiting an oral surgeon is often a necessary next step. Pre-prosthetic surgery allows you to experience dentures the way they are intended – fitting well, allowing comfortable eating and speaking, and enhancing self-confidence.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

When you visit Dr. McPhillips at Stephenville Oral Surgery for a pre-prosthetic surgery consultation, you will receive a treatment plan designed to provide an optimal fit from your dentures. Since every patient’s anatomy is unique, the type of treatment you will receive will be tailored to suit your individual needs. The type of pre-prosthetic surgery you will receive will depend on the severity of correction in your jaw and/or alveolar ridge and the type of dentures or other prosthetics you will receive. Common pre-prosthetic surgery procedures include

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Stephenville, TX

Dentures that are ill-fitting can be uncomfortable and affect many aspects of daily living. If you are not receiving the right fit from your dentures, we encourage you to call Stephenville Oral Surgery and request a consultation with Dr. McPhillips. Dr. McPhillips is an experienced oral surgeon who will listen to your needs and design a treatment plan to ensure you achieve the best fit from your dentures.