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Full-Arch Restoration

A full-arch restoration procedure allows patients with several missing or failing teeth to replace an entire arch of teeth all at once. The prosthesis is permanently affixed in the jaw with dental implants, providing you with the natural look and function you desire.

Full-Arch Restoration

A full-arch restoration offers a permanent tooth replacement option for patients who are experiencing severe tooth loss or decay. Full-arch restoration provides the same security, look, and function as a single implant to replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth at once, using as few as four dental implants. For many patients, a brand-new smile can be experienced in just one procedure!

Listen to some of our patients share their experience with full-arch restoration.

What is full-arch restoration?

The full-arch restoration method replaces an entire upper or lower arch of teeth at once. The permanent prosthesis is secured to the dental implants.

To place the dental implants, your oral surgeon will surgically insert the implant bodies into the jaw bone. As few as four dental implants may be placed, but more may be used depending on your specific needs and the quality of bone. After the implants have been placed, the dental implants are left to heal for several months before the permanent prosthesis can be placed. During this time, a temporary but fixed set of teeth can usually be worn.

When you come to Stephenville Oral Surgery to receive your full-arch restoration, Dr. McPhillips will perform a complete oral evaluation, take any diagnostic images, and review your health history to create a customized treatment plan. She will go over your specific treatment plan with you, including the selection of anesthesia for the surgical procedure. The most common anesthesia option for patients undergoing a full-arch restoration procedure is IV sedation.

Patients enjoy the full-arch restoration procedure for several reasons:

Full-Arch Restoration in Stephenville, TX

Full-arch restoration may be an option to consider for patients with severe tooth loss in one or both jaws. The procedure creates a brand-new smile the same day, and many patients find the results life-changing. Stephenville Oral Surgery specializes in dental implant-supported tooth restoration. We encourage you to discuss all of your options for tooth replacement with Dr. McPhillips at our practice in Stephenville, TX.