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3D Scanning

3D scanning technology helps Dr. McPhillips to create the optimal treatment plan for you. The use of three-dimensional imaging provides high-resolution images of your teeth and jaws from every angle to ensure an accurate representation of your unique facial anatomy and condition. The information gleaned can help with a diagnosis and guide treatment planning. This information can also show potential complications with a planned procedure and reduce the risk of surprises during surgery. Stephenville Oral Surgery & Dental Implants boasts a practice equipped with 3D Cone Beam CT technology to optimize surgical planning and treatment.

For most patients, 3D scans take place during the first visit.

3D Scanning Benefits

Every patient’s facial structure is unique. 3D scanning allows your oral surgeon to view your condition from all angles and helps them create a truly customized treatment plan. 3D scanning is used as the first step for many oral surgery treatment plans, like dental implant placement.

Benefits of 3D scanning include

3D Scans

Stephenville Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is committed to providing their patients with the best in oral surgery care and technology. 3D scanning equipment, such as the 3D Cone Beam CT scanner, helps to increase our understanding of your unique condition and formulate treatment to improve your oral health outcome. Our practice serves the greater Stephenville, TX, area and surrounding communities. Learn more about 3D scanning, our practice, and the services we offer by giving us a call.