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Meet Dr. Harris

Her patients always have great things to say about Dr. McPhillips and our staff.

I refer my patients to Dr. McPhillips because she does great work, and she is very, very friendly and kind. She's always willing to work well with patients and just take care of their needs in such an awesome way. Working with Dr. McPhillips is fantastic. We have a great relationship. The outcome of our cases is so good because we're able to work so well together. We do work often well with the staff too. They are always really good to work with, always prompt in answering our questions or our phone calls. All our patients come back and say what an amazing experience they had. They always have great things to say about Dr. McPhillips as well as her staff. I will definitely continue to recommend for patients to come to Stephenville Oral Surgery. They do such an amazing job, and we will definitely be sending our patients this way.

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