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Meet Terrie

Terrie watched videos sent to her prior to treatment, which were informative and put her mind at ease. She gives Dr. McPhillips five stars!

Hi, my name is Terrie from De Leon. I had an extraction, a bone graft, and an implant done with Dr. McPhillips. I would say that Dr. McPhillips’ office is very welcoming. They make your patient care and comfort number one. Dr. McPhillips was very careful, very articulate in explaining the procedures that are to take place. Dr. McPhillips’ office did send me some links to videos that would explain some of the procedures that were done and I did watch them. They were very informative and did a lot to put my mind at ease. I have had a great experience here. Out of five stars, I give Dr. McPhillips and her team five stars.

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